Monday, January 31, 2011

Lessons on Artists

Instead of an art lesson today, I had a lesson on artists.
I just finished watching a very impressive series called The Impressionists.

This is a story of the great painters of the Impressionists era. The story is told by the old Monet looking back on his life: how he got started, his friendships with fellow artists, his inspirations, the struggles, the vast locations and subjects of the art. It is truly a visual feast. The landscapes and scenery are stunning. The colors are amazing. A scene will show one of the artists painting one of his famous works, then will still shot into the actual finished painting with the name captioned. It's really like seeing the life behind the artwork.

This is the younger Monet ...

Played by, you guessed it ...

Richard Armitage!
I just love a chance to put his photo on my blog again. Can you blame me?

Now, it's tea time and I'm off to brew my new favorite:
I know it sounds like an odd combination ... chocolate and jasmine ... but it's quite lovely. So I'll sip my tea and reflect on art for a while.


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Anonymous said...

You always get the coolest videos. I think you were born in the wrong country in the wrong century.