Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life with Luna

This is Luna.

She's the indoor cat.
Looks pretty sweet and innocent, doesn't she?

Deep down, I think this is who she really is ...
She's been a naughty kitty.
She wasn't always that way though.

Luna is about 7 years old. We got her at the SPCA after our beloved Calorie died. I've always had a cat in my life. I can't imagine not having a cat. The kids and I went and looked at all the kitties at the shelter ... and Luna chose us!
That's how it works you know. Unlike a dog, you don't chose a cat, they chose you.
Well Luna settled right in and took over the house.
And we all got along fine.
Then we did the unthinkable, inconsiderate act of having a baby and actually bringing it home. To live in Luna's house.
She was not happy.
A few years later we err again and bring home a dog.
Into a house dominated by a cat who was barely tolerating a baby at that point.
Well, we took it a step too far last year and really blew it when we adopted 2 stray cats living behind our garden shed.
These 2 cats are outdoor girls. But it doesn't matter.
Luna's had enough.
So guess what she does now to show her disapproval?
She pees on the carpet!
Eeeeegads ... there is nothing worse than cat pee on the carpet. She has one spot in the hall that she returns to whenever she's feeling stressed.
Now I'm the one that's about to blow a fuse over her behavior.
I've tried everything to deter her. I have used the enzyme products and cleaners. I have ripped up the corner of the carpet to get all the way down to the concrete foundation to deodorize and clean it. I bought her a new litter box that she loves. She gets plenty of attention and food and treats and toys. She certainly acts like life is good. And yet, she still does it.

Arrggghh ...


Shawn said...

I feel your frustration.
I found the best thing is Vinager and water. The vinager breaks down the urine.(found info online) Also, you could try putting down a small rubber backed mat over that spot, just until she stops going there.
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That poor kitty's had to put up with a lot living with you. You're lucky she hasn't scratched your eyes out while you sleep. Just kiddin'! I have no advice, since our kitties are all outdoor kitties and Nikki just shows her displeasure by glaring at you and running away.