Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No More TV!

We got rid of our TV.
Yes we did.

Well, we didn't actually chuck it. It's still here.
We did, however, get rid of our DishNetwork.
So now we have no dish, no cable, just a TV.
We have an antennae and we can get local stations.
But really, there's not much on that's worth watching.
We weaned ourselves before we actually cancelled the dish. So for about 3 weeks prior we weren't watching TV. Can I just say, it was WONDERFUL!
It was so nice to not have the noise. The junk. The wasted time. We read books, we played games, we talked. Imagine that. I got some sewing projects done too.

Here's the thoughts behind getting rid of TV ... first, we're saving money. Second, most everything on television can be found on the Internet. But now that we've gone without, I don't really care to even find it on the Internet. Also, there are some shows (remember all my British tele posts?) and tons of movies that I check out from the library.

We all seem to be pretty good with this change.
So there ya go ...