Friday, January 21, 2011


So today I had a clandestine meeting with some guy I met on the Internet.
We've been exchanging emails for a couple of days.
He was offering me something I couldn't refuse.
So today we met.
And he delivered everything he promised me he would. And more!

Ok, ok ... so it wasn't as secretive and illicit as all that. Don't be letting your minds wander.
Really, what kind of a girl do you think I am?

The truth is, I recently joined my local Freecycle group.
Are you aware of
Well I wasn't until just a few months ago.
Basically, it's an email group. You join a group that's local to you. Now you're a part of a community privy to items people are looking to give away. Or you can post items you would like to pass along. It's all free. The idea is to share things you no longer want or need instead of tossing them. And it creates a community of sharing and caring.
I love that!
I have noticed all sorts of items up for grabs. Everything from furniture and exercise equipment to baby formula and boxed mac and cheese.

Today, this is what I scored ...
A very nice gentleman was sharing his abundance of purple potatoes, ready for planting!
This is what I'm talking about ...
the whole sharing and caring community thing.
He grows potatoes, had way more seed potatoes than he needs for his own use, and is thoughtful enough to want to share with others. What a blessing.

He even threw in some garlic too!
I can't wait to get my garden tilled and ready to plant!

Now I know sometimes things like this can go sour, and there are people who don't join the group for the right reasons, and others that flake on their promises, and all that. But I have faith that by and large people are going to play nice and be fair. Besides, I made sure my family knew where I was going. And I took my now-taller-than-I-am, with-a-developing-deep-voice, son with me just in case.
And I met a new friend! And I gained some valuable knowledge about growing potatoes and garlic. And even a tip on a good source for baby chicks whenever we get our backyard coop ready.

Next step, cleaning out my garage so I can pass along some things we no longer need. What's that saying ... one man's trash is another man's treasure. Then I'm sure we can bless many people out there with our bounty!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I need to come to your house. I want to grow purple potatoes. And garlic. And chickens. Aren't you afraid your cats are going to get the chicks? How totally fun. We do need to get together!

Shawn said...

Isn't freecycle great? I love it. Have fun.