Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who Doesn't Love a Snickerdoodle?

I know exactly how I captured my husband's heart.  It was more than my stunning beauty, amazing wit and charming personality.  It was my incredible talent and creativity in one certain room of the house.

You know what I'm talking about ...

Um ... the kitchen, of course.  

What were you thinking?  Sheesh.  My parents read this blog, not gonna go there.  heehee

Early on in our relationship it became quite clear what a catch I was.  If it wasn't my broccoli casserole that won his heart, it was surely my Snickerdoodles!

Snickerdoodles are my husband's favorite cookies.

And guess who else loves these cookies?

All I have to do is start getting the flour and sugar out and my 3-year old knows it's gonna be cookie time.

The key to Snickerdoodles is Cream of Tartar.  You can't make them without it.  It just won't be the same.  It just won't be a Snickerdoodle.

Did you know Cream of Tartar is a by-product of wine making?  It's an acid residue that someone, somewhere, somehow, at some point figured out might be useful.  Google that and see if you can find out who that genius was.

  When you combine it with baking soda you get baking powder.  True story.  In baking, it helps to make for a nice creamy texture.  It also makes your egg whites all nice and fluffy and stabilizes them so they don't fall flat.  Good to know next time you're making a lemon meringue pie.  Consider this your free chemistry lesson o' the day.  

Do you see my 3-year old sneaking bites of dough?  She doesn't know I see her.  And she's totally oblivious that I even took a photo.  Just look ...

My Snickerdoodle recipe is identical to this one.  So you can just click and check it out.  

Be warned ... if you bake these ... assorted husbands, children and fathers-in-law will smell them and come running!

Here's a photo of quite possibly the most perfect Snickerdoodle.  Ever.

That one is special ... I baked it just for hubby.

Plus all these too ...

I'm wishing you many happy Snickerdoodles in your future!


Update:  My neighbor won ...

That's my tree in the foreground.  Clearly it still has green leaves.  Neighbor's tree, in the background, is solid reds and oranges.

I don't get it.

I'm gonna eat another Snickerdoodle and ponder this wonder of nature.


Kat said...

Can I tell you how much I love Snickerdoodles? I love them. Very. Very. much. And my favorite snickerdoodles are the bake and break kind. The store brand variety is the best. They are so delish. And much easier than the home made variety. At least that is what I am thinking since I havent' had the home made variety...

Anonymous said...

Ok, Miss Chemistry-wiz (did you ever take Mr. Thiesen's chem class?), if c of t and baking soda make baking powder, then why don't you just put baking powder in snickerdoodles and forget the c of t altogether? I think I keep c of t on hand only to make those cookies and I really never make them. I wonder, does c of t go bad after a while?

Christine said...

My kids love those cookies!

quitecontrary1977 said...

Those are the most perfect snickerdoodles I have ever seen! I'm going to have Bobby Flay challenge you to a Snickerdoodle Throw Down! lol!

Shawn said...

They look yummy. These are my hubbys favorite too!

Kori said...

I don't think that I have ever eaten a snickerdoodle. But I am going to now right after I make this recipe.

Blessed Mommy said...

I think I can smell those cookies through the computer screen, yum. Many blessings.

susan said...

I was just wondering what the differnce between baking powder and baking soda was. Very interesting.

The *only* reason I have C of T is to make snickerdoodles.

And YES I use my oven...just sometimes more than others! :D