Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do You See What I See?

Look ... I think I see something ... can you see it?

Look closer ... yes, there it is ... the leaves are changing color!

One thing about the hot California Central Valley, we don't get the glorious jaw-dropping Autumn leaves like they do in other parts of the country.  But I do see a little red and orange starting to peek through on the tree in my front yard.  


I remember one year, when my friend Kristen was living in Kentucky, she laminated some of the beautifully colored fall leaves and sent them to me.  Do you remember that, Kris?  I still have those leaves in my cedar chest.  And no, our trees here just don't measure up.  But our trees here do produce a lot of fruit and nuts.  And fruit and nuts make me pretty happy.  So I guess it's ok.

Here's my neighbor's tree.

Same exact kind of tree I have in my yard, but his is way ahead of mine in the color-changing competition.  Show off.

Happy Fall!


heather said...

Show off- I love it. This is my first year in a place that has seasons and I have to say I really fell in love with fall!

-and the pictures on my blog title banner thing were all stolen from flickr. I give credit to the photographers on my side bar if you scroll down. I've thought about openning a flickr account just so I can make another one with all my own pictures, but I'm not there yet.

Its kind of my vision board if you will. :) The things I'm working on the most.

susan said...

I can see your color!

That's one of the best parts about living here, the color. Every spring and fall I'm still excited.

Anonymous said...

I remember. That Kentucky autumn was the most spectacular I've ever experienced. I can't believe you saved those leaves. I'm getting all teary-eyed. Our trees are changing too, a little. This year just doesn't seem to be a good one for color!

Rhea said...

Oh, cool! I'm so glad you're getting a lovely leaf changing color! Ours finally hit here in Texas a few weeks ago. I just love the fall colors.

Thanks again for the Everyday Good Magazine! Your package arrived yesterday, and I posted about it today. I can't wait to start cooking! Thanks!