Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Favorites 4 ... With a Twist

Ready for another installment of my favorite things?  Remember to keep track ... a giveaway is coming after Thanksgiving.

Kat, over at Sunshine and Lemonade, had a list with a twist.  All of her favorites had to start with the letter "O".  She challenged me to make my list with the letter "C".

Remember, we covered the Letter C with my 3-year old not too long ago.  Chocolate and Cupcakes were a big hit.  Pretend those are my list too.

Here's what I came up with for my very own list.  I was thinking of these things while I was making pie dough this afternoon.  Didn't even have to ask my kids to help at all.  With the list, or the dough.  Not that they would.  They're officially on Thanksgiving vacation.  And that means 2 of them are outside playing with about 6 other kids in the 'hood, and the other one is in her room reading a book.  I'll let you guess who's where and doing what.

In no particular order ...
(and I have more than 10, I hope there aren't rules to this)

1.  My cat

She insisted on being included.

2.  Cookies

I can't wait to start my holiday cookie baking marathons!

You know what goes great with cookies?
3.  Coffee

Can't start my day without it.  2 sugars and a splash of cream.  Hey, cream starts with C too!

4.  Chocolate + Cake = Contentment

Although pie is my number one choice in the dessert world, cake is very worthy and will always make my list.

5.  My Camera

It's just a simple point and shoot digital camera, but it does the job.  I use it practically every day!

6.  Classic Literature

This is what I'm currently reading.  I have a list of "must reads".  I will probably be 80 before I finish the list, but at least I have a goal.  And I'll be classically educated.  Old, but educated.

7.  Color

Color makes me happy.  Like the color of my kitchen wall.  It's Granny Smith Apple Green.  And the colors in the school room.  Schoolhouse brick red and buttered corn yellow.  Or my bedroom ... sailboat blue.  Happy happy! 

8.  Comedy

If I don't laugh every day then it's a pretty lousy day.  Luckily I have a very funny husband and silly children and entertaining pets.  Life needs laughter!

9.  California

I really do live in a wonderfully beautiful state.  There is so much you can do here.  I don't have anything to compare it to since I've never lived anywhere else.  But why fix a good thing?

10.  Cambria on the Coast

One of my favorite places in California is Cambria.  We have a small cabin here on the coast and it's our favorite vacation spot.

11.  Chickens

I'm still trying to convince hubby to let me have a couple of chickens in the backyard.  He hasn't totally said no.

12.  Cows

I doubt I'll convince hubby to let me have a cow in the backyard.  So we may need to move to the country.  Country starts with C too!  I love the country, I miss the country.  Maybe some day.

13.  Cheese

Cows make milk.  I love milk.  Milk doesn't start with C but cheese does!  Cheese makes me happy too.  Seriously, I think I eat cheese every day.

14.  CSI Miami

This is such a good show.  I love how David Caruso does the head tilt thing.  And he can solve any crime.  He's just too cool, and he knows it.

15.  Cookbooks

Here are my favorite cookbooks.  They deserve a post of their own.  Maybe I'll get around to that later.

16.  Creative Memories

Last post I mentioned that I loved to scrapbook.  Creative Memories has some great products.  I have completed 17 CM albums.

17.  Candy

Specifically, I love See's Candy.  I buy myself a box of See's Candy every year on my birthday.  That's good news for you too.  Stay tuned.

18.  Christmas

I love Christmas.  I love the preparations, I love the food, I love the family time.  But most of all I love the reason we celebrate.

Finally, this is actually #1 on my list ...

I cannot imagine life without Christ being #1.  Simple as that.


Anonymous said...

You know, you have a lot of favorite "c" things. I must say, I don't disagree with anything on your list. Especially "coffee", which I am having a cup of now, and "CSI Miami" which I love, too, but Mark hates because it's too gory. yeah, whatever. All that other stuff I love, too!

Christine said...

I'll pass on the chickens and cows! happy thanksgiving!

susan said...

Lots of fun C words!

Um...you read Homer for fun? I don't know if I should be impressed or...um... lol

Kat said...

I cannot do CSI Miami. We used to make fun of my dad for watching it. We'd always have to wait and see what oneliner they'd have whathisname say in the opening. :-)

But man, oh, man. You did one awesome list. I love it when people don't follow the rules.