Monday, November 3, 2008

Manic Monday

I'm curious ... what's on your mind?

What do you worry about?  

Do you have things that your fret over?  Something that keeps you awake at night, or steals your pleasant dreams?  

Are you concerned about the aftermath of the election tomorrow?

Are you worried over paying the bills?

Are you fearful about your health or the health of your loved ones?

Do you stress about your job?

I want to know where your worries are.  And also, how do you deal with it.

has a great title to her post:  Let Go, Let God

How easy/difficult is it to Let Go of your worries and Let God take care of it?

I know, deep stuff ... but please tell me ...

What's on your mind?


Kat said...

I tend to worry more about other people than my own little cess pool of issues. It's really quite lovely here by the Nile. I tend to try to solve my problems. And everyone else's - rather than handing them over to God.

Susan said...

Worries...hmmm...let me think.

Right now I worry about this election and the aftermath of it, I worry about why my constantly hungry daughter isn't eating, I worry about my parents' health.

And this may seem odd, but my biggest worry is the eyesore my porch has become and what I can do about it. (It's half stripped of paint and the now the rain has come)

Goodness...I feel so much better just writing all that down! Thanks Linda. :D

Shawn said...

I worry about the future like job loss & retirement.... those kinds of things. I do try to let it go by planning better but it's not always easy.

Anonymous said...

I worry about the elections, both the presidential and Prop 8. But, I'm really trying not to worry about that. Things may get hard, but I've really been working on seeing things from an eternal perspective and not clinging too tightly to the things of this world. That's what our sermons in church have been on lately.

Kori said...

My worries are to heavy to bare. I have no choice but to let them Go and to let God have them.

Thank you for all your kind words over the past few days.