Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Gift To You ...

Are you ready?

I have a birthday box ... I'm filling it with a few of my favorite things:

Want to know what's in the box?  Let's see, I've counted at least 10 items.  
They all come off of my favorite things posts:  
I'll take a photo of the box and post it in the next few days.

Wanna win it?
All you have to do is leave a comment and answer the following questions:

1) What is my current favorite flavor of tea?
2) How many Creative Memories scrapbooks have I completed?
3) Where is my favorite vacation spot?
4)  What book am I currently reading?

Bonus Entry #1:
Name one of my other favorites, just pick any one,
but your answer can't be the same as the previous commenter.

Bonus Entry #2:
Tell me one of YOUR favorite things!

Bonus entry #3
Can you guess the name of my favorite piece of See's Candy?
You can look at them all here, just don't drool on your computer!

Ok, there ya go.  Enter away!  
Contest will end on Dec. 3rd at Noon, PST.


Shawn said...

1) Earl Grey
2) 17 WOW!!
3) Cambria
4) The Ilaid The Odyssey

Bonus Entry #1:

Bonus Entry #2:
My Kitchen Aid Mixer

Bonus entry #3
Milk Chocolate Bordeaux

Kori said...

Ok let me just say that this really makes feel like a Stalker.

1. Your current fave tea is Earl Gray.

2. You ave done 17 Creative Memory books. Which is AWESOME by the way.

3. Your favorite vacation spot is Cambria California. Beautiful.

4. You are currently reading
"The Iliad The Odyssey"

Bonus #1
Christ! Does it get any better than Him? Nope.

Bonus #2
Yarn. I love to crochet.

Bonus #3
I'm gonna go with Chocolate Truffles. I mean Hello, chocolate. mmmm I love their suckers especially the chocolate coffee ones. Yummy!

Ok so this was really fun. However I think I have just upped my stalker meter. lol

Tara said... I could just look at everyone else's answers...but i won't. ;O) I'll just take wild guess...

#1. I don't know...Earl Grey?
#2. 17??
#3. Cambria...yes, that's right, Cambria
#4. The Iliad The Odyssey.

Woo...that was tough!

One of my favorite thigns: DIET COKE and CHristmas...okay that's two.

See's Candy?? That is on the top of my list! ♥ it! Grew up on that stuff! idk what you're fav is but mine is anything dark chocolate and the peanut butter suckers!

♥ Tara

Kat said...

1. Earl Grey
2. 17
3. Cambria, Calif
4. Illiad and Odyssey

#1 - crayons
#2 - Crocs
#3 - I have no idea. But my favorite would be the chocolate covered peanuts.

What a fun contest!!

Cheryl Barker said...

1. Earl Grey
2. 17
3. Cambria on the Coast
4. The Iliad and The Odyssey

bonus #1 - Martha Stewart's Living magazine

#2 - Harry & David dark chocolate truffles

#3 - #24 Dark Chocolate Chip Truffle :)

Linda, so glad you found my blog today and enjoyed your visit! I got quite a chuckle out of how you can eat a half-bag of minimarshmallows while waiting on your milk to heat up :) Am afraid those days are in the past for me as I am trying to keep my blood sugar at a normal level. Darn! :)

susan said...

Hmmm...looks like I'm too late, but then again maybe if I just sneak in here you won't notice. I totally knew all those answers (In the same exact way that eveyone but Shawn knew them!)

Let's see...1)you love Newman's Own Basalmic Vinegar and 2)so do I!and 3)you love the Mayfair cherry candy best of all. (Yes you do!)

Happy 41st!