Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Letter C ...

This week we tackle The Letter C.  This is very exciting.  Why, you ask?  

Because CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES start with C.  Need I say more?

So the kids had one minute to collect as many items as they could that start with the Letter C.  How many items can you count in this photo?

Also ... colored counters start with C ... is this fun or what?

I just love to see my kids learn new things.  

It's so cute to see my 3-year old pick up a book and show me A's, B's or C's.  And sometimes the occasional W.  Don't know when she figured out W, it just happened.

I'm so impressed when my son can rattle off the differences between various forms of marine life.

And my heart soars when my oldest daughter discovers a work of literature that I love, and she ends up loving it too!

Speaking of learning ... I have started my Well-Educated Mind quest again.  I'm re-reading The Iliad.  And wondering why I never read this in high school.  I remember reading The Odyssey, but why didn't we read The Iliad first?  

What books do you remember reading in high school?  Which ones did you love?  Any that you have read, or want to read again?  Which ones did you hate?  

I love to talk about books ...


heather said...

THe Lucy picture snagged me. I love that episode. :) And books from high school... I liked Rosencrants and Guildenstern are Dead (The story of Hamlet from another characters point of view.) I liked All the Kings Men. I can't remember the other assigned readings.

It was High School that I fell in love with Austen. I loved The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Count of Monte of Cristo. I'm sure there are several others... just not coming into my head at the moment.

Tara said...

That is great!! "Chocolate" starts with C.....everything good starts with C! Woo-hoo!

Kat said...

I love chocolate cupcakes :-)

Books from school that I loved - To Kill a Mockingbird; Bless the Beasts and the Children (wow...havent' thought about that one in forever!); Things Fall apart. The books that are written for that teen age group today are soooo much better than the options we had.

Blessed Mommy said...

Love the colorful counters. I know you feel blessed. What wonderful children you have. Letter D- dark choc.- yum.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What fun! Love chocolate :)