Monday, September 29, 2008

Math Fun ...

I love it when I find a homeschooling item that really works.  Something that I'm glad I spent the money on.  Goodness knows I've spent enough money on stuff that I wished I hadn't.  This product quickly made it onto my "Best Homeschooling Purchases" List.  

It's the Math Discovery Kit 
from a company called Lauri.

Here's my 3-year old working on a pattern card from the kit:

My 3-year has to touch everything.  She's one of those that immediately reaches for things that catch her eye.  It's a challenge going in any store with her.  Therefore I figured she must be a hands-on learner.  And therefore this little kit is right up her alley.

There are pattern cards, counting cards, addition and subtraction cards, plus all sorts of fun manipulatives ... picture tiles, word cards, colored counters, and number tiles that have pop-out numbers.  Perfect for the little hands that NEED to touch things!

Today we worked on the number 5:

Then on her own, my daughter tackled a counting card:

There are so many ways to play with this kit.  I anticipate a few years worth of fun with this one as it can be adapted to many different levels.  

Just a note:  I have no connection to the Lauri company and I'm not being compensated for promoting this product.  I wish I were though, they have a lot of neat stuff!  I found this one at Rainbow Resource ( and had to show great restraint to not buy all of their cool products.  

Tomorrow ... I finish the schoolroom project that has cork involved!  Woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! That thing looks great. Looks like something I may have to get for Annabeth next year.