Monday, September 8, 2008

First Day of School!

Finally ... we started school!  Woohoo!  Just look at these eager students ... everyone in their places with bright, happy faces.  Let the (home)school year begin!

We immediately got down to some serious academics ...
I'm not sure why, but for some reason my son and youngest daughter are actually getting along!  Of course I had to take a photo of this rare moment.  Here he is helping her learn to sort.  I found these cute little farm animal counters at the teacher's supply store.  There are 6 different animals, in 2 different sizes, in six different colors.  I'm not a math whiz, but to me this adds up to tons of fun for a 3 year old (and the almost 12 year old apparently).  Oh, and notice the cool hors d'oeuvres platter they're using to sort in ... who knew Pottery Barn  party accessories would be so educational?

With the younger 2 having so much fun I went to check on the oldest child.  Here she is, hard at work on Biology.  She is an amazing kid ... I really don't contribute much to her education, other than buying the books.  I give the books to her, she goes to work.  And viola ... she's super smart!  And very organized ... she already has her entire semester scheduled and so far, one day down, she's right on track.
By the way, yes that is a wine goblet sitting on the table in front of the Biology book.  No, I don't serve my kids wine during the school day, I save that for myself (kidding of course, sheesh) ... but my daughter played Queen Gertrude in our Shakespeare Class's production of Hamlet.  This wine goblet was her "poison cup" prop.  She now drinks orange juice out of it in the mornings.  Too funny.

Do you think I'm weighing my son down with too much?
He can barely see over the stack of books.  And that was just today's work ... wait until tomorrow ... bwaa haa haa!

All in all ... good first day.  Thank you Lord!

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Anonymous said...

Woohoo, you go girl. I just think Selena is so cool. I wish I were that self-motivated.