Thursday, September 4, 2008


We finally took a vacation!  Just when everyone else was heading back to school, we packed up the car and went to the coast.  What a fun time!  We stayed at our little cabin and just relaxed and did a bunch of nothing.  We decided not to take any computers, our cell phones only worked when we went into town, and the satellite TV was down.  So we were transported back a few decades and had to rough it.  What did we do with our time?  We read books, looked at magazines, played games and went to the beach!  It truly was wonderful.

Here's a photo of the whole family on the beach just down the hill from our cabin ... dog included ... well at least her backside.

Here's the girls ... on the rocky beach ...

And here's son and youngest daughter ... on the sandy beach ... my 3 year-old can't decide if she likes the rocky beach or the sandy beach the best.  Looks like we'll have to go again and keep testing.

Son and dog ... both love the rocks!

And here's how we end a wonderful day on the coast ... it wouldn't be complete without roasting marshmallows on the deck!
And then we had to come back home.  And back to reality.  Which is ... a ton of laundry, football practice, homeschool group meeting, student newspaper to print ... and ... we start school on Monday! 


Happy Camper said...

Looks like great fun. Makes me miss it all the more. What part of the north coast host your nest?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time. It's in Cambria, right? Is Lynn's still open? We just love their Olaleberry pie.