Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Letter o' the Week is:

My 3-year old is learning a new letter every week.  Or maybe every 2 weeks.  Depends on how much time we can actually devote to said letter.  We get side-tracked sometimes.  For instance, we lose pretty much all day Friday this week.  We have a Park Day with our homeschool group.  Park Day is over around noon.  But seriously, once we get home, and everyone is hot, dirty and tired, I really don't expect much school work to be completed after that.  It already feels like a weekend by then anyhow.

We did spend some time with the Letter A today though.  Here's what we did ...

We traced and copied the letter A with string and with blocks.  But the biggest hit ...  


Who doesn't love an edible A?  

Next, I gathered all the kids for a cooperative learning effort.  You have 30 seconds to find something in the house that begins with the Letter A. 


How many items in the above photo do you see that start with the letter A?  

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