Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Flashback ... Alive and Kicking

This is what my day was looking like ...

In case you're wondering ... it was a 3-year old's game of bowling on the kitchen table.  Involving a jar of popcorn, a head of lettuce, and an "oops, I forgot my bowl was full of yogurt!"

The above photo is the result.

The dog thought it was a great game!

I won't even tell you where all that yogurt landed.  But suffice it to say, I couldn't fit it all in the photo.  I spent a half an hour and an entire roll of paper towels to correct the mishap.
I also won't tell you about how the yogurt was seeping into the track of the window frame.  And how I also found some petrified fried rice in there too.  Obviously I'm not paying enough attention to cleaning my window sills.

And I also won't mention what happens to a bulldog's digestive system when they eat yogurt.  Let's just be thankful you don't have aroma-enhanced access to my blog!


But I did find something that cheered me up after the yogurt adventure.  I tend to get a little sentimental this time of year.  I pull out the photo albums.  I sort through the years of Christmas ornaments, all which have a story.  I do the "remember when ..." conversations with family and friends.

And nothing stirs up a memory quite like music.  Here's a blast from the past.  And here's a little story to go along with it.

My best friend, Kris, and I went to see Simple Minds in concert our senior year of high school.  I was hopelessly in love with the lead singer, Jim Kerr.  Truth be told, I still am, just a little bit.  Don't worry, my husband knows.  He's cool with it.  

So I think Kris and I concocted a story about how we were going to spend the night at her grandma's house, which we did.  But the part we neglected to tell our parents was that we were going to a concert.  

That was a big deal and oh so daring for us.  2 country girls venturing into the wild world of rock and roll.  Yeah, we lived on the edge.

That concert was awesome!  We were pretty close to the stage too.  I distinctly remember Jim making eye contact with me.  Several times.  I know Kris will back me up on that.  She's very good at feeding my delusions.  Isn't that what a good friend is for?  I think I was floating for weeks after that.

Anyhow ... I have YouTubed Simple Minds and watched all those old MTV videos again.  Sigh.  There's some great concert videos too.  It takes me right back.  And then there's some current videos ... like Simple Minds in concert in 2008!  Yes ... they're still ALIVE AND KICKING!  If you have time to waste, as I obviously do, go check out some fun video blasts from the past.

And tell me ... which band or singer from your past still makes you swoon?


Anonymous said...

Oooh, i remember that concert. That was awesome. I hope my parents don't read your blog. Didn't we go to some other concerts, too? Hmmm. THose were the good ol' days. And we never did go to Boston. Well, I did. I visited it, years later. But it wasn't the same without you.

Linda said...

Wait ... my parents read my blog. Ooops ... Daddy did you know Kristen and I went to that concert? Of course Mom will say she knew all along.

susan said...

I can't help but giggle at the two of you worrying about your folks finding out that you snuck out a zillion years ago!

Then I think about a few years ago when I was visiting my folks in San Diego. I went out with my old girlfriends and um...imbibed a bit too much. I remember trying to get my friend to help me sneak in so that my parents wouldn't know that I had been drinking!

I guess we never want our parents to be disappointed in us...

susan said... do we get a birthday report?

(My word verification is "Seadmath" doesn't that sound like it should be a name in a book?)

Tara said...

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