Sunday, December 28, 2008

Do I Know You?

Christine, over at Smiles and Trials, has a great idea.  It's a game to see who knows who in the blogging world.

I'll play!

Here are my friends from the blog list on my side bar ...

First, I have to start with Kristen:
She is the one that got me started blogging.  We have been best friends since our freshman year in high school.  We were both band geeks and exceptionally PE challenged, especially on the tennis courts.  Therefore, we were instant friends!
And is evident by this photo ... neither one of us has changed in the last 22 years!  If you've seen me lately, and disagree, just don't tell me.  I like to live in my delusional world.  And I know Kristen will support my delusions, she's that good of a friend.

I met Susan and Shawn, gosh I think it's been well over 10 years ago, in an online scrapbook loop.  We all bonded over our mutual scrapbooking obsession and became friends.  Shawn even hosted a get-together at her house several years ago.  That was so much fun!  I think it's amazing we've managed to stay in touch all these years.

Don was a really close friend in high school.  We were "neighbors", which in country living means we lived about a mile apart.  We could visit each other by riding our ATCs down the orchard, across the ditch and through a few more orchards.  I have so many great memories of hanging out with Don, his good buddy Mike, and Mike's sister, Marla, who was one of my friends.  Sadly, I am no longer friends with Marla, and I don't think Don and Mike keep in touch anymore either.  But I recently found Don through Facebook and it's been great to reconnect.  I have tons of photos of Don from high school that I'm sure he's grateful I did NOT post. 

I met Robynn and Reginia through our home school group.

Reginia was so kind to me when I was new to the group.  She made me feel so comfortable.  I love her willingness to listen and her offerings of prayer.  She has been a wonderful example for me over the years.  

Robynn is such a cool gal.  She is the one in the room you gravitate towards because she always has something interesting to say.  Her blog has some great observations on life.  And she's funny!  Robynn and I also bonded over our love of raw milk.

Speaking of raw milk ... one of the first blogs I began following was The Complete Patient.  David writes about the happenings in the real food world.  Raw milk is an always-going subject on the table.  And my own personal friend and dairy man, Mark McAfee, is a frequent contributor and topic of conversation.  If you're not interested in the real food, raw milk movement, this blog will probably bore you.  But how many of you can claim to have your own personal dairy man?

I found Christine through my friend Kristen.  She is a wonderful mom with a blog documenting her life with a great hubby and 11 amazing kids!  I had the chance to meet Christine and her son, Dennis, in person just a couple of weeks ago.  Dennis had a surgery out at Children's Hospital and my son and I went to meet them.  Dennis is such a cutie.  And Christine is a great person.   I'm so glad we had a chance to meet.  And if you check out her blog, you'll want to be her friend too!

I haven't had a chance to meet, in person, the other bloggers on my list.  But I still feel like we're friends.  I've looked into their lives, I know what their houses, spouses and children look like, I've tried their recipes, I've entered some of their contests, and I've laughed and cried right along with them.  That's the cool part about blogging ... you really do get to know people.  

I look forward to "meeting" other bloggers out there soon and adding new "friends" to my list!

So ... who do you know?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you posted that picture. And, I agree with you, we haven't changed a bit. We are still as gorgeous as we were in high school.

Robynn said...

What a great idea, Linda. I so enjoyed getting to know your friends. I will go and do likewise over on my blogspot. Thanks for the info!

Christine said...

Greta post. The thought of raw milk grosses me out, but I would be open to trying it, if given the chance. Where do you get it? Does it really taste better?

noble pig said...

That's a cute post! And yes it's amazing how we all become connected through the virtual world.

Anonymous said...

Linda, I'm really glad that you blogged about me. You can post a picture or 2 if you like. It would be fun to see what you choose.
You know that Kristen and I are cousins so there is even more connection in your blog than you intended.
I really enjoy reconnecting.
More Later