Friday, December 12, 2008

Family Christmas Card

Finally ... 
A few days ago I finished our Christmas card ... and placed the order ... they should be here by tomorrow.

I love it when I learn something new.  And my husband informed me that I could make a Christmas card right in my iPhoto program.  Who knew?  You just choose your photos and click 'em into the cute little boxes.  Write a little somethin' if you want to.  The inside of our card is a nice letter highlighting the last year.  And viola ... instant Christmas card!  Another click and they're ordered.  All I have to do is address some envelopes.  Next year I resolve to get this done in November though.

I love the digital age, don't you?


noble pig said...

And it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That's a greaet card. I can't wait to get it. You'll have to show me that iphoto thing. I need something new to play with on the computer. I was thinking of asking for Photoshop for Christmas, but then I thought I wouldn't have time to learn it. I'm getting a Kitchenaid instead. Woohoo!