Saturday, July 26, 2008


Sometimes you go to a lot of effort to prepare food for your family and they just don't appreciate it.  This is one such time.  And the food in question is:  OKRA  I love it, they don't.  But then I figured ... hey, if I like it, and I want it, then I'm gonna fix it ... just for me!  

I find it to be such an interesting fruit.  (yes, it's a fruit that grows on a vegetable plant)  There are only 2 ways I like to eat it ... fried and pickled.  I remember pickling okra with my Mom and Grandma.  One of the many things we did in the summertime to preserve the harvest.  
Today I'm frying it.  I have a nice "mess o' okra" to start with.  I slice it into cute little bite-sized pieces.  I use a knife that my Grandpa Tom made.  It's really the only knife I use for tasks such as this.  Then I wash my hands, because these little suckers are slimy inside!  Emma says, "eeeew!"
Then I toss the cut-up pieces in enough flour and cornmeal to coat them.  Season with a bit of salt and pepper.  Now it's time to fry.
Peanut oil is my favorite oil to fry in.  It only takes a few swirls around the pan to coat it.  I use only my cast iron skillet to fry in.  I do it this way because that's the way I was taught by my Mom and Grandma.  And I see no need to fix what works just fine!  I like my okra to fry up slightly golden.  I don't like it too crispy, I still like some softness to the pod pieces.

Now I eat it!  I love it with some fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden and a big glass of iced tea.  This was my lunch today.  Luckily no one joined me ... it was ALL mine!  

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Anonymous said...

You know, I can't say I really like okra. I like it in ... what is it? Gumbo? But that's about it. Must be a southern thing.