Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today was big time clean-the-house day!  Here's the funny part ... when I pull out the vacuum, the kids always ask, "who's coming over?"  I guess it never occurs to them that we might want to actually live in a clean house, not just save that look for company.  Truth be told, we are having a house full of people here tomorrow for a class, but that's beside point.  The dust bunnies were starting to multiply, the cobwebs were getting obnoxious, and the laundry was piling up.  So after my morning latte, I turned on the stereo and we got down to business.  It always makes it a bit more fun to dust and vacuum with loud music blaring. 

So call me crazy, but the one chore I actually like doing ... is laundry!  There's just something about putting in dirty, sometimes smelly items, and pulling out clean, fresh smelling warm clothes.  I also like to sort everything.  Plus, it turns out to be a fun game for my 3-year old.  She knows that all the red and pink clothes get their very own pile.   

Is it a coincidence that I not only wash pink-striped things, but I wear them too?  

Wait, I have to get my stool!  Emma loves to help Mommy with the laundry.  So what goes in here?

Making sure there's lots of bubbles is the fun part.  

One last peek to make it sure it's still working before we head off to the next chore on the list!

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