Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm a slacker blogger

It's been so long since I've done a blog post, I should have tons of stuff to write about. Well you would think. But then when I sit down to actually do it, I have nothing.

So I'll just randomly throw out whatever pops into my mind as we go along.
Here we go ...

We did the responsible pet owner thing and had these two cuties spayed last week. Remember, these are the kittens we rescued from behind our garden shed last spring. They are now official members of the family. The gray one is Fluffy Pants, and the black one is June Bug. It's hard to imagine they came from the same litter. They are so different. June Bug is a true outdoor cat with survival skills. She catches birds and bugs and is lean and fit. Fluffy Pants, on the other hand, would rather lounge in the house, and cries if she finds herself alone. I think this photo sums them both up pretty well ... see ... June Bug looking at something moving in the dirt and planning her next move. Fluffy Pants looking a bit confused as if to say, "what am I doing here?"

My husband just got back from a 10 day business trip to Hawaii. I know what you're thinking ... is it really work if you're in Hawaii? And why didn't I go along? Well I thought about it. But I'm not quite ready to leave the 4-year old. Not just yet. Ask me again next year. It was cool to be able to video chat with him every evening though.

Speaking of the 4-year old ... we've been making lapbooks for school. I should do an entire post on that. We find a subject to study and make up various projects to coordinate with it, and put it all in a little book. So far we've studied the farm, the fair, and apples. Next up ... leaves and Thanksgiving.

For Halloween my oldest daughter dressed as a gypsy, my son was sort of a mad scientist, but ended up taking off the costume after about 5 minutes. And the 4-year old was a pink and purple fairy. Complete with wings that flutter when she walks. I would show you a photo, but my husband had the camera in Hawaii. I'll have them put their costumes back on this week just for pictures!

My previous posts were Scottish in nature. So I thought I'd continue the trend with this fine photo!
You're welcome.

Let's see ... what else ... oh yeah, my mother-in-law and her husband have moved into town from Sacramento. It's nice to have them closer.

I love playing Farmville on Facebook. Does anyone else play this? What a cute little game. I'm currently growing squash, watermelons and peppers.

I'm rooting for Donny Osmond on Dancing With The Stars.

It has taken me most of the year, but I am almost finished reading The Odyssey.

I bet my son $20 he wouldn't jump in the pool today (water temp was 60*)
Guess who won? Or lost, depending on how you look at it.

And on that note ... nothing else is popping into my head.
So I'll leave you with this ...
... what I'm making for dinner tonight!
Do you know what it is?


noble pig said...

And you are busy!!!

Christine said...

How are you doing? I still haven't figured out Farmville. Probably a good thing since I don't really have the time. Anyway, have a great week!

Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

Yummy shepherd pies! I'd love for you to share how you make the minis!

I know I have so much to blog but don't have time to sit and do the post! Maybe soon.
Have a great day!! Happy fall sister!

Susan said...

Nice catch-up! Reading it, I felt like I was sitting down having coffee with you. I'm glad to know all is well. (and totally understand the not blogging very often thing)

Anonymous said...

Oh yummy! I love shepherd's pie. Hey, I finally posted on my blog, so ya have to come by and visit.

Kat said...

I think that every blog post of mine could be just like this. From the slacker title...to the random stuff :-)

And ummmm...I don't recall anything else except for Gerard Butler. I think you mentioned the word "yum!"

Diana Bauman said...

Shepherds Pie! I made that for the fam, two nights ago! We love it! You alway's make me laugh Linda! By the way, I'm so interested in your lapbooks. I would love to do this with the kids!