Sunday, October 18, 2009

Did You Get a New Hair-Do?

For the last few days we have had unusually humid weather.
It's been a tad cloudy, a bit overcast and slightly foggy.
And since I've had Scotland on my mind for a while now ...
... I'll show you what it has looked liked here with a picture from there. I like to use visuals whenever possible to tell such enchanting stories on my blog.
You're welcome.
Except for the gorgeous hills, the quaint little stream and the overall greenness part, this photo could have been taken from my house. After all, the cloudy, overcast, foggy look is spot on. And if I look out my window, and ignore all the flat suburban sprawl, concrete, asphalt and traffic ... well it's just like I'm in Scotland!
I love using my imagination whenever possible.

One of the downsides of this misty weather is the effect it's having on my hair.
I don't know what happened. But after my last pregnancy my hair got wavy. The texture changed and it took on this kinky, curly, frizzy thing. Now this was just weird for me because I've had straight, flat hair my entire life.
Except for that time during the 80's where I looked like this ...
You can only imagine the massive amounts of fussing and Aqua-Net hairspray I used to achieve that look.
Good times!

And now I don't even need to try. I let my hair air dry and it goes all wavy and frizzy by itself. It takes some time and some serious hair product to get it to behave now. And that's on normal days.

Throw in the humidity of the last few days ... and look out!
Of course this photo isn't really me. But it could be. Except for the flawlessly youthful complexion. Focus on the hair and she could be my twin.

I'm wondering if I'd look like this all the time in Scotland?


Lisa said...



Robynn's Ravings said...

Yes, you would look like this in Scotland and you'd fit right in!

But, Linda, I have to ask, you looked like a guy back then? lol I think the second picture is closer except she's not as cute. She doesn't have that twinkle in her eye either.

Diana Bauman said...

You are so funny!! I'm laughing so hard over here! But hey, please don't make fun of Jon Bon Jovi, lol!!