Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Updating the Pantry

Something you may not know about me ...
I used to sell Tupperware.
Way back when my middle kid was still a baby and I needed a night out, I went to a friend's Tupperware party and came home a consultant.
Imagine my husband's surprise when I came home and announced my new career.
My friend was far more successful with Tupperware than I was.  But I stuck it with long enough to be a manager.  And I accumulated a ton of product.
I still have a lot of the plastic stuff around my house.

This is how I store my flour and sugar ...
Now don't get me wrong.  I think Tupperware is a fine company.  And they have great products.
I'm just not sure if I want my food in plastic anymore.
Some of my Tupperware has changed over the years.  The colors are fading.  The plastic gets all gross and gummy.  I just wonder if any chemicals are leeching into my food.
I'm sure this is more of a concern if I heat things in the plastic containers.  Which I try not to do anymore.  But is it an issue with food storage?
I really don't know.

But I'm still converting all my pantry items into glass containers.
It just makes me feel better.
And it's way cuter ...
Look ...
I know, yes, those are marshmallows.  And yes, I'm on a super duper healthy eating lifestyle campaign.  But marshmallows are a great treat and just a necessity of life.  They make me happy.  And I'm not going to hide it!

I stole the green topped container from my mom.  It's pretty old and it used to hold coffee.  Now it holds tea.
I found the rest at Target.

I'm sure you can tell one of these houses popcorn.  The other one is full of raisins.  Which my daddy grew, dried and stemmed for me.  These are healthy snacks.

I need several more glass containers to convert everything out of the plastic.
But this is a start.  


noble pig said...

I totally went to glass, I like it better.

I had a friend who was so bad at selling Tupperware, the company fired her.

Lisa said...



Robynn's Ravings said...

LOVELY!! I'm 100% with you on the glass and I REALLY like the squares. The last good ones I found were at IKEA and they are round. Not good for space maximization. Thanks for the tip on Target! I have a cupboard that DESPERATELY needs my attention...okay....make that three cupboards.

Tara said...

It just looks pretty! I love the glass containers!! LOVE them....time to start the conversion!

Anonymous said...

I really do like the glass, but until Annabeth stops rearranging my pantry, I'm stuck with plastic.

Kat said...

A friend of mine had a tupperware party in December. And the consultant spent the whole time trying to frighten us into buying tupperware so that our pantries would not be taken over by bugs and we wouldn't have to throw said contents away and live in a hotel for a week while the house was fumigated.

I am really liking the glass idea...

Sondre Lyn said...

I have those same tupperware containers. I bought them 14 years ago when we lived in Montgomery, AL. Serious roaches there. Yuck! I couldn't really afford them, so I handpainted designs on the Tupperware lady's containers and she gave them to me. Cool, huh? I have used them ever since, but I was recently wondering the same thing about the leeching chemicals. I like your idea of the glass containers. And I really like the square ones. Pretty and practical as well! :D

Kori said...

I used to sell Tupperware too. Sucked at it! I ahve tons of product. Maybe I should do a giveaway. A lot of it is still in the plastic brand new. haha