Sunday, February 13, 2011


I make lists.
I make lists of lists.
I have lists here, there and everywhere.

I have handwritten lists in pretty notebooks.
I have scribbled lists on the back of receipts.
But my favorite list maker is here ...

On my iPhone.
I really never thought I'd be dependent on an electronic device. But I am. My iPhone can do everything. I can check email, I can surf the web, I get weather updates, I can access maps that show me exact directions to my destination (complete with a little blinking pinpoint of where I am to show how much farther I need to go), I pay my bills, I take photos, I can Facebook, I listen to music, I can prevent global warming and save the planet!

Well, not quite, I don't think anyone has invented an app for that yet.
Oh yeah, I can even talk on the phone!
In fact, we completely eliminated our home phone.
You heard correctly, there is no telephone or phone line at my house! When I tell people this, they are astonished and perplexed. But I don't understand why. We don't really need a home phone anymore. I have my mobile, hubby has his, oldest daughter has hers. Our Internet is through cable. We don't need a phone line. So I had my home phone number transferred to my iPhone. So basically, you're calling me, not my house. Doesn't that make sense?

Funny story ... last summer when hubby and I were in Vegas for his business meeting, my dad calls. He called the old home phone number, which caused my iPhone to ring. I answered it and caught him off guard. He says, "I thought you were in Vegas." I said, "I am." He replies, "but I called the house." I had to tell him, "um no, you called the old house number, which is now my new cell number and you're actually talking to me while I'm in Vegas." Hmmm, he pondered for a bit. Then jokingly says, "well I didn't want to talk to you, I was calling your house to talk to talk to your brother." (my brother was staying at our house with my kids) To which I countered with, "Well, then you have to call his cell phone."

I guess the idea of calling the person, instead of the location will still take some time to sink in. Anyhow, back to my original train of thought ... lists. If I don't make lists I forget things. Well, I don't totally forget, I just sometimes remember too late. Like when the kids ask, "did you get shampoo at Target?" And I say, "no it wasn't on the list." And they say, "but I told you, don't you remember?" And I say, "yes, I remember now, but since it wasn't on the list I didn't remember it when I was actually at Target!" To which I get the big eye roll in response. So now, the kids know to grab my iPhone and find the Target list and add their items.

I'm not sure if it's true, but somehow having lists makes me feel more organized. Plus I love the sense of accomplishment when I can cross something off of the list!

Here is a list of the current lists I have going:

*Target (duh!)
*Save Mart (groceries)
*Von's (more groceries)
*B-Alive (my vitamin/health supplement store)
*Outdoor chores to do
**sub list: garden plan
*Indoor chores (daily/weekly)
*Indoor projects (stuff that needs to be fixed/painted/redecorated, etc)
*daily school plan
*weekly school plan
*monthly school plan
*yearly school ... well you get the idea
*daily to-do list
*bills to pay
*drama prop list (for our upcoming play production)
*drama costume list
*drama weekly things to accomplish

I'm sure there's more. But I can't remember.
Maybe I should have a Master List of my lists!


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Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

Once Target finishes up their makeover, you will be able to cross off Vons and Savemart for good! Ha!

And if that iPhone could do a little more for you, you could probably trash the whole list thing forever! Hee Hee Hee!!!