Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Girls' Room

When our 3-year old became a 4-year old we figured it was time to get her out of our bedroom and move her in with her older sister.

 I know what you're thinking ... 
yes, we had the baby in our master retreat love nest ...
for 4 YEARS!
I know.  It was time.

Imagine the excitement our oldest daughter had at this prospect.  She has had her own room for 15 years.  And now she has to share it with a little sister?  Yikes!

Now the bedrooms in our house are pretty small.  So we needed to be creative with how to fit everyone and everything in the space.

I searched the Internet for bunk beds.  And I found a great corner unit that is actually called a captain's bunk.  This would be perfect, I though.
Until I saw the price.
Good grief!
Have you priced children's bedroom furniture lately?
Obviously I had not.
We needed to tackle this from another direction.

So I called my daddy.
Have I mentioned before that my dad is a master carpenter, painter, craftsman, and all around amazing handyman?
Seriously.  He can make, do, craft, create and fix ANYTHING!

And now my girls have the coolest bedroom ...
all thanks to Papa!

Here's my 4-year old to take you on the grand tour ...

So my dad actually built this bunk bed from scratch ... it's way better than anything I saw online.
My 4 year-old LOVES the steps.
She has the top bunk.
My oldest is on the bottom, which is actually her existing bed.  My dad built the bunk addition to fit right over the top!
Look at all the great cubby holes for books and storage!

Take a look at the books my oldest has on her headboard ...
Austen, Defoe, Bronte, Dickens, Shakespeare.
Impressive, yes?
She's super smart.

Alas, we still haven't purchased a twin-sized mattress for the 4-year old.  So for now, she sleeps on her crib mattress and has this extra fun space around it to play.
Can you see the ABC border on the wall above the bed?
You know, we're always thinking education around here.

The wall paint colors are Cheery Pink and Lettuce Alone.
The ceiling is a mix of white and blue ... sponged on all sky-like.
The flower accents are something we made out of a foam craft kit from Oriental Trading Company.  I put Sticky-Tac on the back and let my 4-year old place them where she wanted.

Look over the edge ... there's even some room to hang all those pretty princess dresses!  Not an ounce of space was wasted.

Here are the shelves underneath the top bunk where my oldest keeps books, DVDs and other important stuff.

Across the room is a $29 shelving unit that I found at Lowe's a few years ago.  It works perfectly for storing games, toys, knick-knacks, and the TV and VCR for watching the old beloved Disney tapes.
Behind that green sheer curtain is a little bay window area ... a great space for playing or hanging out.

Speaking of hanging out ...

So a HUGE thanks to my Daddy/their Papa for the awesome new bed.
How cool is that?


Lula! said...

Linda...this is AMAZING. It's gorgeous, fun, functional, and best of all--made by your dad! I cannot get over this...your girls are blessed and your dad is BRILLIANT!

Kat said...

That is the best bunk bed I have ever seen! Does he want to come and duplicate it here in Georgia?? Who would have thought that your older daughter would get more room by having her young sister start to share?! And 4 years with your little one in your bedroom? Really?

I think the entire comment is a series of increduluous questions :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my word. Can your dad come over to my house. That is so totally awesome. He did a great job. Tell him I said so! Wow! Your girls are going to love that. And I love the paint, too, btw!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Linda, seriously, that's unbelievable. And STAIRS?! Everything I've EVER seen has a c-rappy ladder. Inspired and whimsical. I LOVE THIS!!! GO DAD! Darling pics, too. Especially love the legs alone. LOL

A Joyful Chaos said...

This is by far the best bunk bed I have ever seen. You are very fortunate to have someone in your life with an obvious talent for woodworking.

Sondre Lyn said...

Okay, that is seriously AMAZING! I can't believe he just made that from scratch! So GREAT!

Jadehollow said...

Thank you for stopping by an becoming a follower..
I look forward to getting to know you.
Good Luck on the Giveaway!

noble pig said...

Wow, that is pretty wonderful, how lucky you are to have a father who can do this. I just bought kids furniture from Pottery Barn Kids and it cost a fortune!

Christine said...

Cool bed! BTW, I am up at VCH tomorrow for another surgery. Maybe we can hook up.

Also, I am interested in learning more about raw milk. Where do you buy yours?