Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Max and Ruby

Do you know Max and Ruby?
This is my almost 4-year old's favorite show.
And I have to admit, it's one of my favorites too.

This brother and sister pair are just too cute for words.  Max is a curious, active and clever little guy.  Ruby thinks she is the mature and wise older sister.  She usually thinks she knows what's best but many times Max ends up showing her a new way to look at things.

Max and Ruby have a charming grandma that shows up every now and then, usually with some ice cream.  What they don't seem to have are parents.  Minor detail I suppose in the bunny world.  A bunny world where they live in a house of their own.  Where Max can drive a little car ... Ruby bakes cakes and hosts Bunny Scout meetings ... they take a bus across town ... go shopping ... attend the carnival.
All by themselves!
I'm guessing I'm the only one that notices these things because my 4-year old doesn't question it.  But then again, she also likes a show where a hamster, chick and turtle sing and travel all over the world saving animals in distress.  Nothing wrong with that.

I appreciate the imagination involved.

The show is based on the books by Rosemary Wells.

Here are 2 of our favorites ...

We own both of these books.  Yet every time we go to the library my little one insists on checking them out.  Isn't that funny?

After an over abundance of Dora the Explorer, Max and Ruby is a welcome new favorite.
I think I may have a theme for the next birthday party!


Anonymous said...

I thought I recognized those bunnies. I've never seen the show or read those books, but Rosemary Wells has illustrated other books we've read before. They look cute. I'll have to check them out!

Lisa said...



Robynn's Ravings said...

Sadly, I'm past all these kinds of books or shows. Barney was this for me. I thought he was wholesome and simple and he cheered me up more than the kids during those hectic, demanding preschool years.

Maybe for grandkids one of these days or gifts for younger friends having babies. Thanks!

MrsMama said...

We loved Max and Ruby too. The other one that I thought highly of was "Little Bear". Good stuff! :)

Cute blog, by the way.

noble pig said...

I miss max and Ruby and the music. It reminds of the kids being small. Sigh.

Pixeltrash said...

I love Max and RUby too. I will actually turn to it and watch it by myself. Sad, hu? If my boys are here (6 & 8) they will still watch it!

Tara said...

Oh we know Max and Ruby too! Ruby has wayyyyy more patience then I'll EVER HAVE!! ♥

Lula! said...

Love Max and Ruby...even if Ruby is rather bossy. My girls have the books, DVDs, and stuffed versions of Ruby. Good stuff!