Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I've had my eye on this play kitchen for over a year.  My 3-year old would love this!  Isn't it the cutest thing?  I imagine hours and hours of fun, pretend play here.  

Only problem ... it's a bit more than we really want to spend this year.  Although I do think it would provide an excellent value in the long run.  I didn't like any of the plastic kitchens I looked at.  I think the wood kitchens are much more charming.  

But it kind of throws a wrench in my great idea to have a homemade Christmas this year.  I thought it would be fun and creative to make all our gifts.  

I have several ideas for homemade presents too.  I'll share some of those in an upcoming post.  After considering whether we could make a cute kitchen like this, I added up all the construction costs.  It really would be cheaper to just buy it.  

So share with me your ideas for some fun homemade gifts this year ... I'm making my list now!


Anonymous said...

I have no ideas for fun homemade gifts. That kitchen is adorable. I love it. I'm sure Emma and Annabeth would have a great time playing there together. We're trying to cut back on gifts this year. The kids have SOOOO much stuff. They do not need more.

Blessed Mommy said...

How funny, we are looking at a kitchen set too, but less pink, I have boys. WE also, want to cut way down of Christmas this year, so probably no kitchen set. Looking forward to reading the ideas for a homemade Christmas. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Christine said...

It is very nice. I have my eye on the dollhouse at Costco.

Tara @ Feels like home said...

We're looking at a kitchen, too. My daughter loves the one at daycare. We have the same hesitations that you do, though. Hopefully, we'll both be able to work something out!