Friday, February 26, 2010

What I've Been Watching ...

Do you remember my obsession with this ...

You know ... Scottish, castle, quirky and lovable characters ... cute laird.
My kinda show. Well I'm up to season 5 now.
And then I got sidetracked a little.

With this ...

... Irish, quaint village, quirky and lovable characters ... cute priest.
How come I didn't know about these shows when they were actually on television? I'm just so glad I found them now. I'm really enjoying them.

I actually purchased the DVDs of Monarch of the Glen. But I went a different route with Ballykissangel.

I went here ...

My local public library. About a mile from my house.
I can check out Ballykissangel ... for FREE!

Not only that, I have checked out tons of movies. Yeah, all FREE!
Well, except when I'm a day or two late returning them and have to pay the 25 cents a day fine. But it's still better than renting or buying.

And they have pretty much everything I've been looking for. If it's not at my local branch I can request it. I really haven't had to wait more than a week or two to get most of the DVDs I want. I keep a running list of titles I'm interested in and I add a few more to my queue every week. And then I get a phone call when they arrive at my local branch. I've done this for several years with books. As homeschoolers we're always requesting various books to supplement our studies. I guess it just didn't occur to me to put DVDs on hold. I'm sure glad I figured it out!

It's been fabulous!

In my next post I'll tell you about a great mini-series I stumbled across.

So stay tuned ...


Anonymous said...

Are you getting kickbacks from the library for this post? lol. My dear, you were born in the wrong time and place. And social strata.

Greyhaven Pines said...

We use our library as our rental store as well. The price is just right.

Warm wishes,


Christine said...

Cool- I should look into them at our local library.

How ya doing?