Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh Yes You Can!

There are tons of slow cooker chicken recipes out there.
But did you know that you can just stick a chicken in the thing and turn it on?
I didn't.  I thought you had to add stuff.
But now I know ...

There is no recipe.
It's just a chicken in the pot.
With a little of Emeril's essence sprinkled on top.
No prep, no liquid, no extras, no fuss.
Just plug it in and turn it on for about 5 hours.
Then go clean out your closets.  Because you know you need to do that.  And then put all your junk out in the garage and refuse to acknowledge that you'll have to deal with it all again at some point if you ever want to park a car in there again.  Which will give you anxiety attacks.  And embarrass you when your son has friends over and they open the garage door to get the bikes and basketballs out and it's such a nice day that all your neighbors are outside and they can see your junky garage from every angle.
Sorry, I tend to over-share sometimes.
Anyhow ... the chicken ...
It's been doing its thing for several hours and is now done.
Just like an oven roasted chicken.
It came out fabulous!

You have to try this.
Unless you've known all along that you can do this.
In that case, well, never mind.


Robynn's Ravings said...

I had no idea either. THANK YOU! I will give this a whirl. :)

Tara said...

There are many days where i throw a chicken in there and just add butter! lots of butter...YUMMMMY!!!

Shawn said...

I did not know that. What a great thing to learn. I have chicken in the freezer... crockpot chicken is on the menu for tomorrow night! Thanks!

Debra said...

You think the chicken is good, try making your lasagne in there (and you dont have to cook the noodles ahead either)or better yet take your spareribs, cook them in ther with some seasoning, then just throw them for a few minutes on the grill with sauce for the most tender bar-b-que. I do my stews in the crockpot also. I make them the night ahead and then pop it on low before I leave for work. Dinner is almost done when I get home! Yum!
(I know what you mean about the closet. Except I do not have a garage. However, I have a nice "labrinth" effect going on in my basement)

Lisa said...






Anonymous said...

Hmm, I just may have to try that sometime. My family loves roast chicken. Do you think you could dump some carrots and potatoes and fennel in there, too?

Barb said...

Wow, I did not know that. But now I know what's for dinner tomorrow night